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Scenic Finish

Southwest Scenic Group’s top-notch finish department is fully capable of creating a broad spectrum of paint finishes to achieve any imaginable mood or aesthetic. Need your reception area to pop with vivid, brand-driven color? Just ask. Transport your space to a Tuscan villa or a barn on the Midwestern prairie? No problem. Got to have it pure white and smooth as glass? We can do that too! Our finish team is highly skilled at matching anything a designer could dream of, from richly textured faux-finish wood, stone or metallic finishes to automotive-grade show-stopper; but if you’re not sure what you want, we’d be happy to create a custom look for your project!


  • World-class Faux Finish
  • Hard Coat Finishes
  • Flame proofing
  • Mould and Casting
  • Foam Sculpting
  • Powder Coating

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